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  1. Kitchen Fitting, Refurbishment & Kitchen Designs

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    kitchen fittingRenovating your kitchen can often seem quite easy but even when you have very little space and a small room, making the best of your assets and getting value for money can be essential.


    We say this because no matter how small, awkward, spacious or square your room is there is always a way to enhance your kitchen to ensure that you get the best out of it. Getting value for money though does not always mean cheap. Unless you’re a hardened bargain hunter and are prepared to wait for an inexpensive kitchen set, and you are ready to find that the cheap kitchen you have selected doesn’t quite fit, then value for money means getting the best use of a kitchen that works for you.


    From planning the kitchen around a new extension to revamping an old kitchen, the preparation is key. Whether you are a keen DIY enthusiast or prefer to hire professionals to carry out the work for you, it is quite difficult to find the perfect balance of workspace and storage, as well as thinking about what to do with strange or small spaces.


    That said, if you do research fully you can find that your finished kitchen can look stunning, work to meet the needs of you and your family, and will be long lasting so that you can be assured it will suit your requirements for years to come.


    Tips – Zoning

    Look at the floor plans first. Do a scale drawing of your layout including doors and windows, where current plumbing and gas systems are placed and make sure that you can clearly see what space you have.


    Consider whether you can change the layout – where is your oven, fridge and sink placed? Can it be altered for the better?


    If you are pulling out existing units, you may not have to stick with the layout you currently have. If you are lucky enough to have had an extension that you wish to install a new kitchen in then that’s great, getting it right at the planning stage will save you lots of hassle!


    With a small space, you may not need to take out units but can add to them to make use of height space rather than reducing your floor area.


    Ensure when you’re planning that you take into consideration the power points as well as the plumbing and gas pipes that are in place.


    Changing where pipes are, flooring, adding luxuries such as underfloor heating will all add to the costs. This includes adding an American refrigerator which needs extra plumbing systems, and if you intend to move an oven or boiler.


    Play around with the entire kitchen design until you are happy. If you intend to fit the kitchen yourself or have a professional, to do the work you will need good and solid plans. However if you are unsure then you may find that an expert can help you plan the whole space.


    Remember the kitchen work triangle; this is made up of the oven / hob, fridge and sink. Between these, you need to think about workspace, entertaining, dining and family areas if you wish to add those – and have the room to do this. If you are a gadget fan, you may prefer storage to workspace; if you are a cook, you may prefer a good combination of storage and work surfaces. And if you have a family to house in the main room of your home or property, you may wish to leave some space for a dining or seating area.




    There are many ideas online and in magazines about laying out your kitchen. Whether you have a small or a very large space it can be hard to take on the job of installing a new kitchen, disposing of the waste that accumulates, and living with it as you work. Hiring a professional however can be much easier and professional kitchen fitters will always offer you a good guarantee.


    When choosing a kitchen fitter please be sure to get recommendations rather than choosing the cheapest option or selecting a company straight from your local tradesman list.


    If you still are unsure as to planning, designing and fitting your kitchen then call on our expert services. We don’t propose to be the cheapest, but we guarantee value for money. That is, we offer superior services, warranties on our work and your cabinets, and will help you at every stage to make sure the kitchen works for you.


    A straightforward replacement or an entire revamp with bells and whistles (or chandeliers and spotlights) we will help you achieve the best that you can with your budget.


    Call our friendly team today and we will visit you to measure up, see your plans or help build them, and to offer you a free quotation based on the layout, materials and requirements.

  2. Fencing Projects – Protecting Your Space & Adding Style

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    Composite fencing, traditional timber fencing, lunairs style, closeboard or trellis fencing – which one will you choose?


    You can enhance your property and outdoor space quite easily with fencing yet it’s also a great way to prevent unwanted access to your garden as well as being a great solution to stopping your dogs escaping (and ducks, chickens and other pets you may have wandering around your lawn!)


    Quality fencing makes all the difference to your garden or grounds. You can section off pieces of your land, determine the perimeter of your space and simply add safety and protection solutions. It can be important to select the best type of fencing that compliments your property; a traditional style closeboard may suit a 1960’s to 1990’s modern home with composite fencing being ideal for contemporary style of property. You may choose to use trellis style fencing for older character homes too but simply put, the fencing you choose will suit your very individual tastes and will finish off your garden the way you want it to. And most importantly, if you plan to use fencing to put off unwanted visitors or prevent unauthorised access to your home, it’s vital that it is installed properly.







    Benefits of Fencing

    Fences provide you with security and privacy and can be a great way to enhance the look of the garden. Fencing is much cheaper than building walls and it’s much easier to replace and repair if the need arises.


    You can choose the height that is most suitable to your property and your requirements. You can also select the best styles and shapes and granted, if your foundations can take the joists needed to hold up your fencing and make it suitably sturdy, you can more or less have fencing anywhere.


    If you are installing the fencing yourself or replacing old or tired fences and gates, you will find that you need two people, one of which will hold the panels whilst you piece the parts together. Doing it yourself though isn’t always recommended especially where you want to enhance your outdoor space and add decent security so do consult a professional fencing company where you need specific solutions.


    Preparing to Fit Fences & Gates

    Firstly consider your options, the height of the fence, the style and of course where your fencing will be placed. Will you use the fence to keep dogs in the garden or is it primarily for aesthetics? Is your fencing being constructed to keep out unwanted visitors or to give you privacy? Are you hoping to build fencing to protect livestock and equestrian animals? Or are you in need of automated gates and perimeter security for your home or business property?


    Every single question you ask yourself about your new fencing will help you to find the very best solution.


    You will need to consider at the very minimum the following, if you are constructing a brand new fence from scratch:


    Fence Posts

    Fencing Panels

    Palisade Fencing




    Wood Treatment


    You may also need to cut down existing hedges but must do so when birds aren’t nesting. You will need to consider planning a skip or disposing of any old plants, fencing or hedging that has to be taken down prior to constructing your fence. If you choose trellis fence then it’s a great idea to plant roses, clematis or other climbing plants when you install it so that they can quickly settle and grow around the panels.


    Professional Installation

    Any professional that carries out fencing installation should offer you pre-treated timber or the option to treat your chosen fencing once it’s installed. Whatever your intention, your fencing should be sturdy, will do its job whether that’s protecting what’s inside your garden or property grounds, and any work should be guaranteed. The purpose of having a professional fencing erector means that you are covered for any work that is carried out at your home or property. If you do decide to do it yourself, it’s always recommended that you are confident to carry out the work, are well prepared, and have help on hand to ensure you keep yourself safe and free from risk of injury.



    Whether you have a show garden, want to add automated or manually powered gates, or wish to increase the security of your property then we can help.


    We are Essex Property Maintenance and our team of expert tradesmen are qualified in their own field. That is, we only select quality tradesmen from our team who are experienced in fencing, installing gates and more. Our team will help you to plan the best fencing, gates and security options that best suit your needs and will source all of the required materials should you need us to; otherwise we’ll advise you on the quantity of materials required if you prefer to buy them from your own supplier.


    Call us today and we’ll offer you a friendly service, expert advice and a free no-obligation quotation.

  3. Decking Your Garden Space

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    Using the very best products to fence the perimeter of your garden, or when installing decking, can mean the difference between short-term value or a long-term investment.



    Fitting ultimately stylish decking can seriously improve the look of your garden or property and add pleasure to an outdoor space. Whether you have a narrow but lengthy garden, a smaller plot, your garden is sloped and you wish to add a patio space, or if you have an outdoor swimming pool area, you can change an entire space using decking timber.



    It is important to research just what materials there are available in order to get the finish you desire. You will need to consider the base first and of course its size. For this, you will need joists, beams and support posts. If you intend to have balustrade in place then you will want to consider the styles available. Classic balustrades are very popular though you will need to seek a professional if you wish to add glass or ironmongery around the perimeter of your decking.


    If you are installing the decking yourself, you will want to find timber that has been pre-treated. This will help save you time treating it yourself. Both timber and plastic decking can be found, though we think that solid wood and decking timber give the best finish.


    Anti slip decking for public areas such as public houses, hotel grounds and restaurants can be an excellent way to keep people safe. Solid timber can be used around swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs.


    You will also need decking screws, hammers, screwdrivers, drills and more so if you plan to complete your project yourself it’s essential to be prepared before you start. A timber specialist can help you to discover the quantity of materials that you will need.





    Decking can be shaped beautifully. Whether you are looking to add curves or fill an entire terrace, the flexibility in the planning is fantastic. If you are seeking to add steps for access into a building or are adding a balcony, decking really is easier to work with than bricks and mortar.


    Decking can help to create a sleek outdoor space and can be teamed with glass instead of the more traditional style balustrades to produce an elegant area to enjoy all year round. You can even enjoy using decking to create fun spaces such as tree houses and platforms on which your children will use their imaginations and will enjoy playing in their own bit of garden.


    You can even incorporate slate paving or stone to really give the decking area a unique finish.




    Al-Fresco Dining Areas


    Contemporary Spaces

    Japanese Styles

    Tree Houses

    Nautical Styles

    Garden Structures



    Using decking can be an inexpensive way to add space to otherwise unused locations such as sloping gardens or dark corners. If you are seeking solutions to an awkward garden space or would like to add contemporary or traditional structures to your outdoor space then we can help.


    If you would like to find out more, we are an Essex property maintenance company who have many superior tradesmen that can carry out your decking project in a professional manner. Call us today to talk to our friendly experts.

  4. Plumbing Appliances & Heating Your Home

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    Plumbing appliances professionally and heating your home efficiently can mean the difference between value for money and spending more on your DIY efforts or poor workmanship in the long term.


    Plumbing and heating experts can cover the areas of water, gas and boiler works for you without the risk of causing you more problems over time. Under floor heating, radiators, boilers, washing machines, sinks and bathroom products as well as American fridge freezers all require an element of skill especially where plumbing the appliances in and ensuring electrical and gas works are running effectively.

    bathroom plumbing

    Primarily you will need a plumber for:


    Designing Systems for Homes & Property

    Interpreting Blueprints (New Homes or Developments)

    Installing Water Pipes

    Repairing Pipe work

    Maintaining Gas & Sewage Pipes

    Fixing Irrigation Systems

    Residential Homes

    Commercial Properties

    Industrial Buildings


    Safety Procedures

    Any plumber must follow health and safety standards in a very strict manner to ensure the residents of any property are safe. Health and safety should be the priority of any professional plumbing or heating engineer so do ensure you check that the tradesperson that you choose is sufficiently qualified and Gas Safe (previously Corgi) registered for heating and gas projects, and that they are professionally qualified with the relevant electric certifications. Both types of tradesman need different qualifications so you will normally find that at least two people will attend to your project.


    Water & Heating Systems – Which to Choose?


    Installing Heating & Water Systems


    If you have a new home requiring heating systems and water installations, it can be a very large job. There are different types of ways in which you can heat your home and its worth getting good advice from a professional. They will help you plan a new system; decide how big or complex it needs to be, and the most efficient way to heat up your water when you need it.


    There are a number of varying ways that you can utilise in order to heat your property, and heat up your water. They are Oil and LPG, mains gas, electrical heating and storage systems.


    Electric heating will be a cheaper investment but if you are planning to sell, property buyers generally don’t find this type of system appealing. Mains gas is a powerful way to heat your home and water, however some people may choose both mains and electric if you have a good supply into your property – for example, an electrical shower will heat up your shower water instead of relying on your gas-powered boiler. LPG gas and oil are generally used where there is no mains supply. A large tank is required. Storage heaters are effective and attract slightly different tariffs, as an example you can choose a nighttime tariff where your heat is generated on an evening and is released the following day.


    Many people are now opting for underfloor heating throughout the entire home. This means that there is no need to fit radiators and no requirement for a boiler unless you are heating your water using a gas boiler.



    For those looking for effective heating solutions and water systems, we can assist. We are specialists in all areas of property maintenance and only a qualified and experienced heating and plumbing engineer will attend to your home or property. We invite you to call us today to obtain a no-obligation quotation.


  5. Expert Carpentry – Choosing the Right Tradesman

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    If you are adding any type of woodwork to your home or property whether you intend to include it in the structure of your building or are opting for decorative woodwork, it can be essential to find the best carpenter. The woodwork should be long lasting and completed to a superb finish, yet it’s difficult to choose a carpenter simply by looking online.


    Carpenters are specialists in wood. They should be able to ensure you that the work they complete is sturdy enough for everyday use and looks stunning. We have put together a few tips and advice on choosing the right tradesman or company so that you pick the very best that you can afford.


    What Type of Carpenter Will You Need?

    All types of carpenter work with wood yet each individual carpenter may specialise in a certain style of woodwork. There are rough carpenters, finish carpenters and repair carpenters. Each covers a different area of their trade so it’s vital to know what type of work you are planning, whether it’s structural, decorative, inside or outside.


    Rough Carpenters

    A rough carpenter will carry out framework and structural projects. They will tackle framing and covering buildings for the construction industry. Building wooden structures they will take care of the blueprint, will use architectural drawings, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and sketches to plan their work, and will take instructions orally.


    Finish Carpenters

    Also known as Trim carpenters or Joiners, Finish carpenters concentrate on the aesthetics of woodworking. Including things like trims, decking projects and mouldings that can be seen (as opposed to working on structures inside walls that will later be covered over.) This type of carpenter will finish jobs such as kitchens with crown mouldings, they will build wooden stairways, hand doors or create bespoke items such as cabinets and bookcases.


    Repair Carpenters

    Carpenters working in the maintenance industry may also be Repair Carpenters. They will generally be able to attend in emergencies or for scheduled repairs and will help with property renovations, fix doors and window frames and can help following a burglary or accidental damage.




    It doesn’t matter how polished a website is or that you have found what appears to be a reasonably priced carpenter. As there are many different types of carpentry, you will need to be sure that you firstly are selecting a carpenter who is experienced in completing projects that you are looking to hire them for. Whether you need a structural specialist, a joiner for building furniture, or one who can maintain or repair woodwork it is vital to check their credentials.


    Does the company you are checking out have an existing or previous client they can refer you to? Alternatively, have you spotted work in a neighbouring home or property that is completed to an excellent finish? Do you know of a carpenter that has worked on structure in a new home or added stunning decking work to a neighbour’s garden?


    Home owners are more than happy to recommend carpenters and tradesmen if they feel that the work was done to suit their needs, they communicated well with the carpenter, and that the project was completed to a high standard.


    What Will it Cost?

    Obtaining quotes from at least three carpenters and ensuring they are given the same specification and requirements will make sure you get accurate quotes and can compare each one equally.


    Choosing a carpenter, much like any other tradesman and getting it right first time will help you to avoid costs associated with poor workmanship. It will also mean you get to speak to those about your exact needs and you will get a good feel for the company or individual who will potentially work with you.


    Gaining a quote upfront

    Make sure you get a breakdown of labour costs, materials (try to make sure you know the quality of those materials), and any other costs involved.


    Choosing a carpenter just because the quote is cheap isn’t always best. Yes, it’s a competitive industry but you will want the job completed to a high specification. It will need to be sturdy and long lasting too. It can be cheaper in the long term to choose a higher quote where work doesn’t have to be re-done later on down the line.


    What Timeframe Suits?

    Availability is key. If you would like the work completing in a reasonable timeframe, check that your quotations include the availability. If you need the project doing within just a few weeks and your carpenter is booked up for the next 2 months it may not work for you.


    Also, it’s essential to make sure that your carpenter can work within a good timescale especially if you are expecting other tradesmen before or after your carpenter. Any work completed in your home, whether its kitchen carpentry, stair work, structural or woodwork repairs will cause interruption and a little dust. So organising the tradesmen to attend with as little delay as possible is important.




    We are Essex Property Maintenance and we work very hard to go that little bit above and beyond what other maintenance firms may promise. We will quote for any type of carpentry work and will ensure that a tradesman with the right skill set attends your property promptly and on time.


    We’ll try to work within your budget as much as possible and will provide a no obligation quotation with a complete breakdown of the costs involved. Our expert team will talk you through all of the options available and will work to your schedule (where we have not previously been booked up) and will work accurately with your requirements.


    Call our Essex based carpentry team today or contact us using the form for a rapid response