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  1. Kitchen Fitting, Refurbishment & Kitchen Designs

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    kitchen fittingRenovating your kitchen can often seem quite easy but even when you have very little space and a small room, making the best of your assets and getting value for money can be essential.


    We say this because no matter how small, awkward, spacious or square your room is there is always a way to enhance your kitchen to ensure that you get the best out of it. Getting value for money though does not always mean cheap. Unless you’re a hardened bargain hunter and are prepared to wait for an inexpensive kitchen set, and you are ready to find that the cheap kitchen you have selected doesn’t quite fit, then value for money means getting the best use of a kitchen that works for you.


    From planning the kitchen around a new extension to revamping an old kitchen, the preparation is key. Whether you are a keen DIY enthusiast or prefer to hire professionals to carry out the work for you, it is quite difficult to find the perfect balance of workspace and storage, as well as thinking about what to do with strange or small spaces.


    That said, if you do research fully you can find that your finished kitchen can look stunning, work to meet the needs of you and your family, and will be long lasting so that you can be assured it will suit your requirements for years to come.


    Tips – Zoning

    Look at the floor plans first. Do a scale drawing of your layout including doors and windows, where current plumbing and gas systems are placed and make sure that you can clearly see what space you have.


    Consider whether you can change the layout – where is your oven, fridge and sink placed? Can it be altered for the better?


    If you are pulling out existing units, you may not have to stick with the layout you currently have. If you are lucky enough to have had an extension that you wish to install a new kitchen in then that’s great, getting it right at the planning stage will save you lots of hassle!


    With a small space, you may not need to take out units but can add to them to make use of height space rather than reducing your floor area.


    Ensure when you’re planning that you take into consideration the power points as well as the plumbing and gas pipes that are in place.


    Changing where pipes are, flooring, adding luxuries such as underfloor heating will all add to the costs. This includes adding an American refrigerator which needs extra plumbing systems, and if you intend to move an oven or boiler.


    Play around with the entire kitchen design until you are happy. If you intend to fit the kitchen yourself or have a professional, to do the work you will need good and solid plans. However if you are unsure then you may find that an expert can help you plan the whole space.


    Remember the kitchen work triangle; this is made up of the oven / hob, fridge and sink. Between these, you need to think about workspace, entertaining, dining and family areas if you wish to add those – and have the room to do this. If you are a gadget fan, you may prefer storage to workspace; if you are a cook, you may prefer a good combination of storage and work surfaces. And if you have a family to house in the main room of your home or property, you may wish to leave some space for a dining or seating area.




    There are many ideas online and in magazines about laying out your kitchen. Whether you have a small or a very large space it can be hard to take on the job of installing a new kitchen, disposing of the waste that accumulates, and living with it as you work. Hiring a professional however can be much easier and professional kitchen fitters will always offer you a good guarantee.


    When choosing a kitchen fitter please be sure to get recommendations rather than choosing the cheapest option or selecting a company straight from your local tradesman list.


    If you still are unsure as to planning, designing and fitting your kitchen then call on our expert services. We don’t propose to be the cheapest, but we guarantee value for money. That is, we offer superior services, warranties on our work and your cabinets, and will help you at every stage to make sure the kitchen works for you.


    A straightforward replacement or an entire revamp with bells and whistles (or chandeliers and spotlights) we will help you achieve the best that you can with your budget.


    Call our friendly team today and we will visit you to measure up, see your plans or help build them, and to offer you a free quotation based on the layout, materials and requirements.

  2. Planning Your Kitchen & Lifestyle

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    The kitchen, though it may sound like a cliché, truly is the hub of the home. Modern life has ensured that the family home has a central location and that is the kitchen.

    The kitchen provides the whole family with somewhere to get together. The centre of the home in today’s home will normally have an island to gather the family, a seating area – be it a dining table or a comfortable sofa – and quite often electricals such as flat TV screens or a sound system.

    The conditions in the kitchen, such as cooking smells and condensation, will always be the leading factor when considering the décor. The changing styles have seen most kitchens using modern materials instead of the pine cupboard doors that used to be popular in the 1990’s. Glossy cabinets and marble or solid wooden worktops are very common now and the kitchen often flows nicely in new homes and traditional 1930’s homes through to the living area.

    Understanding Your Space

    A desirable way to plan your kitchen space is by using a specialist who knows. The area that you have in your kitchen space as well as surrounding rooms can be a great way to increase your space.

    Newer homes tend to have surrounding space, such as a larger lounge and a smaller kitchen. These can be transformed into large kitchen and dining areas, and they can be re-designed to incorporate a utility area – something that modern families really do find the need for. More traditional style properties usually have larger areas that can be converted into a beautiful space without the need for much building and interruption.

    Positioning The Appliances

    Try to think about a triangle layout – the oven, the sink and the fridge should make up your kitchen area. If you have a large room but the appliances are placed close together then it can make your kitchen appear much smaller than it should. This is okay if you are planning to add a dining or seating area, but not so good, if you seek an imposing kitchen space.

    Of course, the position of your appliances may be determined by where your water and electricity outlets are so if you are a DIY enthusiast do ensure that you consider the amount of work that you are about to embark on.

    If you are having a complete overhaul, you may wish to change the entire layout. If this is the case, it will cause much more interruption, often taking a week or more though the finished kitchen will be as you dreamed it.

    Are You Making the Most of Your Space?

    Whilst many of our clients wish to create a dream kitchen, many of them don’t see that they can make the best use of the space available whether it’s a tiny kitchen or a huge area.

    If you have a small or awkward space, cupboards that simply don’t work for you, or a large space that has many opportunities and the chance to choose many different layouts it’s essential to make your kitchen work for you.

    Do you have a layout that you hate, or do you simply want to change one thing?

    The kitchen really is important for you, especially if you enjoy being in there. Whether you wish to alter cupboard doors, add in herb draws or wine cabinets, or completely revamp the whole space it’s vital that its done properly. There will be tiled or painted wall surfaces to consider, building to carry out, and a choice of finish to suit you and your family. Living with your new kitchen means that it will be entirely different compared to the kitchen you fell in love with at your friends house or in the glossy magazines – in fact, you can achieve the same look, but one that works for you.

    Floors, Walls & soft Furnishings

    Do you have children? Are you looking for a glossy finish? Or are you seeking a high-end luxury kitchen?

    It’s important to ensure that the choices you make about flooring, walls and furnishings fit in with not only your tastes but that they are long lasting. Tiled floors look great, as do wooden floors, linoleum or Amtico, but if your floors are likely to get wet from pets or are likely to be slippery for small children then its essential to balance your choices.

    The same goes for walls – wipe clean paint or tiles are the perfect option for young families. And high-end kitchens may look beautiful, though if you are planning to sell your home then have a think about how you use your kitchen – and how it appeals to those who may be attracted to your home.


    We are a team of experts when it comes to building, construction, kitchens and bathrooms and much more.

    We are Essex Property Maintenance and we go just that bit further to ensure that you, our client, get what you want within the budget that you have set for yourselves.

    We are specialists and know that in the current climate, we can’t always achieve what you want, yet we will talk you through your options and make sure that you know you are getting what you want, within your set schedule and within your budget.

  3. How to create a Future-Proof Kitchen

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    Ensure your kitchen lasts a lifetime with our top tips and expert advice. The kitchen is the focal point of the home, where we use our creative skills to cook and our sensory skills to enjoy the end result. It’s a place for taking time out, meeting up with friends and exchanging thoughts with the family. It is little wonder then that we spend so much money on getting the design and interior right.

    With this in mind there is no doubt that a newly fitted kitchen is a big investment, so it is vital to get it spot on the first time round. And, if you are planning to stay in your home for many years to come, you need to ensure that your new kitchen will stand the test of time and not be dated in a matter of months or years. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to know where to begin, so here at Essex Property Maintenance we have compiled a handy quick guide to give you a head start.


    Blow the budget?

    It is very easy to get carried away with the idea of creating your dream kitchen, so it vital spending time working out what you can realistically afford to spend. Apportioning budget between all the elements including furniture, appliances, worktops, flooring and lighting for example, is an important process.
    If you are lucky enough to be able to open up the kitchen area by removing a wall to create more space, or even adding an extension, you are able to redefine the entire room and take full control, starting from scratch. If this is not an option, splashing out in some areas may mean you need to compromise on others so bear this in mind when deciding on what should be in your kitchen and the quality of certain elements.


    Future Plans
    It can be difficult to think too far into the future, but it is important to consider how your lifestyle may change in the next few years.
    Will you be starting a family and having children? Have your children grown up and left home? Or will you be retiring and having more time on your hands to entertain? Could you be taking in an elderly relative or lodger who will be using the kitchen too?
    All of these factors need to addressed and thought through thoroughly before your new kitchen is designed and installed. Forward thinking will ensure you make right the decisions and choose things that will last.


    It’s a Material World
    What trends should you aim for in your new kitchen?


    The best advice is to try not to be influenced too much by current kitchen trends as these tend to come and go and become dated quite easily.
    When it comes to cabinetry, you should buy the best cabinets and units you can afford as they will be well used and need to last as long as possible. The same applies for things such as work surfaces and flooring, and materials such as real wood, granite and stone may cost more initially, but they will last and are a much better option than the false economy of buying cheap materials and having to replace them much more often.


    Choosing a kitchen style which reflects your personal taste is a great decision but you need to opt for a kitchen that is also simple, functional and up to date with technology. The endless advances in technology in recent years has meant that the kitchen has moved into the twenty-first century with a bang; soft close options for cabinets add luxury, roll out bases on cabinets make everything more accessible while new cooking options such as grills, woks and griddles help to accommodate a wide variety of cooking styles.


    Storage solutions
    Considered and accessible storage is crucial to an ergonomic design. It is important to create a well organised space that is not only a pleasure to use but also assists our lifestyles. The best advice is to take a walk around your current kitchen and think about what works and what doesn’t in regards to storage.

    The aim is to create a better flow in the kitchen area so think about having the plates near the dishwasher for easy unloading, baking trays and casserole dishes close to the oven for cooking and condiments beside the hob with instant seasoning. These choices will pay off once you are using your kitchen everyday so don’t forget these essential factors when designing your new kitchen.


    The priority when deciding on kitchen flooring is that it looks good, is easy to maintain and will withstand people walking over it and all kinds of spills. Choose wisely and opt for investment flooring options where you can; stone tiles, luxury rigid vinyl or solid hardwood flooring, can literally last a lifetime and can outlive the kitchen cabinetry so take your time and think about the most suitable for your home.

    A combination of materials will add texture as well as show off your kitchen design and a tendency towards the plain and simple always works well. A combination of natural stone for its earthiness and natural wood for its warmth and tactility means that tone and texture work in harmony to produce a beautiful yet workable space.


    It is often a factor which is overlooked in kitchen design but if you get the lighting correct, you will instantly benefit from a brighter, more efficient space that’s a pleasure to work in. Kitchen lighting needs to be considered in several stages as different types offer various options. For example, task lighting may include under cupboard lights, helping to ensure that work surfaces are well lit. Accent lighting may involve up-lighters on top of wall cabinets, while focal point lights can include a dramatic chandelier over the dining area, or perhaps a symmetrical row of industrial-style bulbs or aluminium shades above the breakfast bar, if you have one.
    With all of these factors in mind, it is essential to consider your lifestyle and the way you really live, focus not only on function but aesthetics too and work hard to establish your budget. Once these elements have been covered, call Essex Property Maintenance on 07411 118936 or 01702 340197 for more details on how we can help you achieve your dream kitchen today.