Fencing Projects – Protecting Your Space & Adding Style

Composite fencing, traditional timber fencing, lunairs style, closeboard or trellis fencing – which one will you choose?


You can enhance your property and outdoor space quite easily with fencing yet it’s also a great way to prevent unwanted access to your garden as well as being a great solution to stopping your dogs escaping (and ducks, chickens and other pets you may have wandering around your lawn!)


Quality fencing makes all the difference to your garden or grounds. You can section off pieces of your land, determine the perimeter of your space and simply add safety and protection solutions. It can be important to select the best type of fencing that compliments your property; a traditional style closeboard may suit a 1960’s to 1990’s modern home with composite fencing being ideal for contemporary style of property. You may choose to use trellis style fencing for older character homes too but simply put, the fencing you choose will suit your very individual tastes and will finish off your garden the way you want it to. And most importantly, if you plan to use fencing to put off unwanted visitors or prevent unauthorised access to your home, it’s vital that it is installed properly.







Benefits of Fencing

Fences provide you with security and privacy and can be a great way to enhance the look of the garden. Fencing is much cheaper than building walls and it’s much easier to replace and repair if the need arises.


You can choose the height that is most suitable to your property and your requirements. You can also select the best styles and shapes and granted, if your foundations can take the joists needed to hold up your fencing and make it suitably sturdy, you can more or less have fencing anywhere.


If you are installing the fencing yourself or replacing old or tired fences and gates, you will find that you need two people, one of which will hold the panels whilst you piece the parts together. Doing it yourself though isn’t always recommended especially where you want to enhance your outdoor space and add decent security so do consult a professional fencing company where you need specific solutions.


Preparing to Fit Fences & Gates

Firstly consider your options, the height of the fence, the style and of course where your fencing will be placed. Will you use the fence to keep dogs in the garden or is it primarily for aesthetics? Is your fencing being constructed to keep out unwanted visitors or to give you privacy? Are you hoping to build fencing to protect livestock and equestrian animals? Or are you in need of automated gates and perimeter security for your home or business property?


Every single question you ask yourself about your new fencing will help you to find the very best solution.


You will need to consider at the very minimum the following, if you are constructing a brand new fence from scratch:


Fence Posts

Fencing Panels

Palisade Fencing




Wood Treatment


You may also need to cut down existing hedges but must do so when birds aren’t nesting. You will need to consider planning a skip or disposing of any old plants, fencing or hedging that has to be taken down prior to constructing your fence. If you choose trellis fence then it’s a great idea to plant roses, clematis or other climbing plants when you install it so that they can quickly settle and grow around the panels.


Professional Installation

Any professional that carries out fencing installation should offer you pre-treated timber or the option to treat your chosen fencing once it’s installed. Whatever your intention, your fencing should be sturdy, will do its job whether that’s protecting what’s inside your garden or property grounds, and any work should be guaranteed. The purpose of having a professional fencing erector means that you are covered for any work that is carried out at your home or property. If you do decide to do it yourself, it’s always recommended that you are confident to carry out the work, are well prepared, and have help on hand to ensure you keep yourself safe and free from risk of injury.



Whether you have a show garden, want to add automated or manually powered gates, or wish to increase the security of your property then we can help.


We are Essex Property Maintenance and our team of expert tradesmen are qualified in their own field. That is, we only select quality tradesmen from our team who are experienced in fencing, installing gates and more. Our team will help you to plan the best fencing, gates and security options that best suit your needs and will source all of the required materials should you need us to; otherwise we’ll advise you on the quantity of materials required if you prefer to buy them from your own supplier.


Call us today and we’ll offer you a friendly service, expert advice and a free no-obligation quotation.

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