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    Although many people carry out ‘Do it Yourself’ painting and decorating, it is actually a professionally skilled job that should really be carried out by a qualified tradesperson. This is because, for those looking to achieve a professional result, it can only be achieved by not doing it yourself!


    Choice of Paint

    Choosing paint is not only about the colour but its about the room you intend to decorate and the atmosphere in that space. A winning colour combo will make your room, be it a lounge, kitchen or bedroom, look fantastic but it’s not just about the colour. Quite often you can paint a room and discover you have made the wrong choice of colour, but its vital to get that right as well as the type of paint that you use.


    Not only hiring a professional can save you time, it may save you money where mistakes occur and also with the tools that you require to do the job. A professional can provide you with the advice on buying the right paint for the right area – surprising as it may be, there are many different types to suit certain areas. It may be wipe easy paint for family areas, waterproof paint for rooms that attract moisture, matt paint, silk paint, satin, gloss, high gloss – the choice is endless and you may need primers depending on the area that you will paint.


    It can be very easy to make a mistake on the paint and a month down the line, after spending days painting just one room, you can easily find that you have made the wrong choice of paint. Quite often you can paint a room and discover you have made the wrong choice of colour also so it’s vital to get that right as well as the type of paint that you use.


    Type of Paint

    Choose the wrong type of sheen, or finish, for the room you are intending to paint and that perfect colour could be too shiny or may need touching up within weeks.


    The environment within your room is essential when considering which type of paint to choose:


    Matte Finish – this is a flat paint with no sheen or shine although scrapes or any scuffs will appear on this paint. This can be ideal for areas that have very low traffic and especially looks good on ceilings.


    Satin – satin paint has a very subtle gloss and can be wiped down should it suffer any scuffs, it provides a nice sheen to walls.


    High Gloss – durable, wipe clean and hard wearing and usually used on wooden fittings such as doors, skirting and framework and it usually not available in a huge amount of colours unless you choose to have your local paint store mix it for you.


    More Painting Tips

    Painting is an art, and that doesn’t mean abstract or watercolour. Painting should be carried out in a particular way in order to achieve a lovely crisp and clean finish. It’s vital to select the best type of decorating tape as well as the paint colour and type, because not all tape is intended to meet preparation or cleaning up your lines.


    Prepare your area. This can take more time than actually painting and decorating the space. Carefully fill in damaged walls if you have fine cracks or chips, however ensure that you seek a professional plasterer for advice if you have flaky or damp walls, or if there a cracks appearing that potentially have an underlying cause. Preparation is vital to getting the perfect finish – paint itself is not designed to fill the cracks in your walls and ceilings so use a filler that was made to fill those and smooth with a wet knife.




    These are only a few bits of advice when painting your home. Decorating is a very good way to improve your space but doing it properly is key. You don’t have to be a professional, yet a qualified and experienced painter and decorator will carry out your project to perfection and will give you advice on the paint that you need for the space you intend to transform.


    If you need a professional painter and decorator then we can help, not only will we prepare to perfection, we will paint your walls, ceilings, shelving and wooden furniture if you require it and we are experts in wallpapering too. Call us today for a quotation.