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  1. Extension in progress

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    Another job done by our selfs 6×7 m extension we cleared old lean too dug up old footings now in progress off building extension
    And the sun is shining


  2. Gaining an Insight into Extensions, New Developments & Construction

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    Want an extension for your Essex Home?

    Understanding boundary walls, extension planning, design and constructing new areas around your home can be a minefield. However, It can be very rewarding to extend or improve your home, and whether you are intending to resell your home after a renovation or are planning to stay in your home long term, the financial rewards can be very exciting.


    Terraced Homes

    One of the most common issues when extending or improving the inside or outside of your terraced home can be the access to the home or property. The site access is one of the most important things to consider, as builders need to be able to transport materials and dirty boots to your home. This is not exactly ideal when it comes to any access being narrow and in rare occasions, they may have to travel through the main part of the house in order to carry out their work.


    In most conversions and extensions carried out to terraced homes, they are carried out on the ground floor. This is mainly because floors and walls can become damaged during construction. This said, loft extensions are very popular and professional companies usually work through the roof first before opening up the extension into the home.


    Planning permission and discovering boundaries are usually rather straight forward with terraced home extensions and improvements. However any permission is usually limited obviously due to the size of the home.


    Larger Detached & Semi-Detached Homes

    The recent construction industry has seen a few changes of late. With planning permission due to be temporarily altered to help to re-start developments, extensions and loft builds this will mean that builders taken on to carry out extension projects will be able to build bigger extensions than those that were previously allowed. What this means for you is that your home or property can benefit from a much large space without planning permission, though its always advised that you, your architect or your builder contacts the local authority before plans and extensions are put into place.


    New permitted development rights are making it much easier at present to install conservatories and transform loft spaces. This is something that the Prime Minister has promised across the country and will mean that planning permission required before that was required for any extension or addition up to three to four metres past the original boundary of your home will only be need for those exceeding 8 metres.


    Fantastic news if you have the space and don’t want to limit the new area.


    Business & Commercial

    Under the new temporary rules, as outlined above, businesses will be allowed to extend retail outlets by 100 square metres, and commercial business will be able to extend industrial outlets and buildings by 200 square metres.



    With planning application fees being around £150 and unusually large extensions, garage conversions and conservatories beyond 3 to 4 metres in length from the home or property requiring a planning officer, that will be no longer the case. However, the change will not be permanent so it is certainly the time to take on a project to improve and transform your space.


    Listed Buildings

    There is always a requirement to contact your local authority if you live or conduct your business in a listed building. That is regardless of the extension, conservatory, loft extension or garage conversion that you are planning.




    Whether you own a terraced home, a semi-detached house or a detached residence the planning rules will temporarily change. This will offer you and your builder with the chance to add a conservatory up to 30 square metres and will alter the way that a planning officer will need to be involved in your extension or loft conversion.


    If you are looking to carry out a professional extension, add an outstanding conservatory, or transform your loft space then talk to us. We are Essex Property Maintenance – not only can we do the small jobs but we are experts in large projects that convert your home or property beautifully.


  3. extension

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    just been and done a quote for a new extension 🙂