Decking Your Garden Space

Using the very best products to fence the perimeter of your garden, or when installing decking, can mean the difference between short-term value or a long-term investment.



Fitting ultimately stylish decking can seriously improve the look of your garden or property and add pleasure to an outdoor space. Whether you have a narrow but lengthy garden, a smaller plot, your garden is sloped and you wish to add a patio space, or if you have an outdoor swimming pool area, you can change an entire space using decking timber.



It is important to research just what materials there are available in order to get the finish you desire. You will need to consider the base first and of course its size. For this, you will need joists, beams and support posts. If you intend to have balustrade in place then you will want to consider the styles available. Classic balustrades are very popular though you will need to seek a professional if you wish to add glass or ironmongery around the perimeter of your decking.


If you are installing the decking yourself, you will want to find timber that has been pre-treated. This will help save you time treating it yourself. Both timber and plastic decking can be found, though we think that solid wood and decking timber give the best finish.


Anti slip decking for public areas such as public houses, hotel grounds and restaurants can be an excellent way to keep people safe. Solid timber can be used around swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs.


You will also need decking screws, hammers, screwdrivers, drills and more so if you plan to complete your project yourself it’s essential to be prepared before you start. A timber specialist can help you to discover the quantity of materials that you will need.





Decking can be shaped beautifully. Whether you are looking to add curves or fill an entire terrace, the flexibility in the planning is fantastic. If you are seeking to add steps for access into a building or are adding a balcony, decking really is easier to work with than bricks and mortar.


Decking can help to create a sleek outdoor space and can be teamed with glass instead of the more traditional style balustrades to produce an elegant area to enjoy all year round. You can even enjoy using decking to create fun spaces such as tree houses and platforms on which your children will use their imaginations and will enjoy playing in their own bit of garden.


You can even incorporate slate paving or stone to really give the decking area a unique finish.




Al-Fresco Dining Areas


Contemporary Spaces

Japanese Styles

Tree Houses

Nautical Styles

Garden Structures



Using decking can be an inexpensive way to add space to otherwise unused locations such as sloping gardens or dark corners. If you are seeking solutions to an awkward garden space or would like to add contemporary or traditional structures to your outdoor space then we can help.


If you would like to find out more, we are an Essex property maintenance company who have many superior tradesmen that can carry out your decking project in a professional manner. Call us today to talk to our friendly experts.

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