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  1. Planning and Designing Your House Renovation

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    Before you start anything else, it is crucial to check whether or not you will need planning permission with your local planning office.

    Planning the design of your property renovation can be exciting, tedious and often both. It’s always a good idea to jot down your own plan of how you want your extension/loft conversion to look. By doing this, an architect or designer is able to work around your ideas and design a space that is personally suited to your individual needs.

    rebuilding-houseThere are planning rules with regards to extensions. You may find that you don’t need any planning permission, but until you check you won’t know. The last thing you want to do is spend weeks on the design process, possibly spending money, thinking of ways to create your dream home, only to be told there are restrictions on what you can and can’t build.

    • Be aware of your area – before you plan a costly extension or loft conversion, it’s crucial to talk to a local estate agent to find out what renovations are popular in your area. Every street will have a ceiling value so don’t over develop if you want to make a good profit on your investment!
    • Do some research – find out if your area is full of families or young professionals etc. You want to create a renovation that will be best suited to those more likely to buy a home in your area. If you plan your renovation wisely, you’ll make back more than you spent in the long run.

    An architect will be able to take your ideas into consideration when drawing up a final plan. If you wish to extend your property but are unsure of how to do so, an architect can help give you ideas and suggest the best type of extension for your property. Remember, a badly designed extension could actually reduce, not add value to your property.

    You can hire an architect to:

    • Manage all of the building process.
    • Help secure planning consent and building regulation certificate.
    • Find a suitable builder.
    • Monitor progress, standards and safety on site.
    • Arranging input from specialists and overseeing construction to completion.

    It is important to consider the “look and feel” of your existing property when designing the extension. Matching prominent features such as the roof with those of the existing building can help ensure a sense of continuity, as well as making sure any new doors and windows line up with the existing fixtures of your property.

    Another thing to consider when renovating your property is how it will affect your neighbours. Getting your neighbours involved during the early stages of the design will save a lot of time and money down the line if they do have any objections or concerns. It is also a good idea to make sure the extension will blend in with other properties down the street.

  2. Essex House Renovations

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    house-renovationsWe have had experience of renovating properties for over 20 years. We offer our clients a range of services when it comes to property renovations, whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner. Many clients come to us for property renovations such as extensions after months and often years of deciding whether or not to bite the bullet, and take the plunge. At Essex Property Maintenance we say it’s easy to extend your home or commercial property with the right team of builders. Our team of tradesmen can not only extend your property, adding value to its market worth, but can also provide you with the skills that it takes to make that extra added space liveable. Here at Essex Property Maintenance, we can follow your property’s building process, and then provide you with the following reliable and high standard services:


    • All electrical work
    • Plumbing and heating
    • Painting and decorating
    • Plastering
    • Kitchen and bathrooms


    rebuilding-houseOur efficient, knowledgeable and highly skilled team of tradesmen means you can stick to the same reliable company throughout the renovation of the property and benefit from very competitive prices despite the professional finish we promise to leave you with. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed, we do the job well, preventing you from having to have anything redone in the future. All of our work is carried out promptly and efficiently, and is conducted with the least possible disruption at the most convenient time for you. We can help you create a small new living space or develop/refurbish your entire property all within your budget.


    When planning your property extension we can provide you with genuine, helpful advice to make the most of your potential living/commercial space. Our design team will also help you to create a style of extension if you do not already have a clear idea of what you are seeking. We will always make sure that the design is in keeping with your property and your surroundings.



    When thinking about having your property extended or renovated, draw a rough plan of where you would like the extension along with any potential backdoors or windows. Send this to your local council in advance so that planning permission feedback can be administrated as soon as possible, so building work can begin as and when convenient for you. Also take note of what features you would like your extension to incorporate, along with any luxuries you were considering, for example, under floor heating. This way, our team of designers can assist you with the options relevant to you and in keeping with your budget.


    Call our friendly team today and we will visit you to measure up, see your plans or help build them, and to offer you a free quotation based on the layout, materials and requirements.