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  1. Decorating your Essex Home

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    If you haven’t got a flair for decorating your household/commercial property, our team of designers and decorators at Essex Property Maintenance can do the job to a high standard using quality materials. Our painters and decorators always give your decorated space a professional finish, as well as giving you advice on which type of paint/colour could help enhance your room and give it that tasteful, chic look.

    decoratingIt may be the case that more than one area of your property needs decorating, or perhaps the whole house sprucing up, if you’ve just moved in or have just purchased a property you intend to let out on the rental market. Freshly painted and decorated rooms can ensure a property is in a great sellable condition, and often increases the chances of a swift sale, and at times, added value. A property that boasts ‘freshly decorated’ is the same one that attracts lots of potential buyers or renters.

    The type of room looking to be redecorated usually always influences what type of environment you wish to create. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, colours are very important when choosing which atmosphere you want the space to give off.

    • Relaxing – aim for cool colours such as pastels, pale blues, creams and white. Suited to kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories.
    • Fun – aim for more vibrant colours, such as purple, pink, blue, green, orange and yellow. Suited to children’s’ play areas/ bedrooms.
    • Rustic – aim for more natural/warm colours such as, browns, pale green, cream and burgundy.

    Getting the right type of paint is also crucial when re-painting/decorating a room. Whether you wish to have wooden furniture, floorboards, walls or ceilings painted, we can advise you on which types of paints to use to guarantee a long lasting, professional finish. The market now offers a range of different paints we use to a high standard, giving you a crisp and fresh finish.

    • Emulsion wall paint – perfect for living areas exposed to everyday wear, often able to be wiped clean.
    • Satins and glosses – great for doorframes, picture rails and skirting boards.
    • Exterior masonry paint – weather protected and durable.
    • Specialist paints – perfect for flooring (indoors and out), radiators and other metals, waterproof/mould resistant.
    • Primers and undercoats – often used before painting wood and metal but also a great base coat for walls to make the surface appear smoother.
    • Kitchen & bathroom paint – great for wiping down splatter marks in kitchens and protecting against damp and mould in bathrooms caused by condensation.

    Our team have over 20 years experience in the field of painting and decorating, so why not give our friendly team a call today for a free quotation. Go on; give your property a professional finish.