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    Plumbing appliances professionally and heating your home efficiently can mean the difference between value for money and spending more on your DIY efforts or poor workmanship in the long term.


    Plumbing and heating experts can cover the areas of water, gas and boiler works for you without the risk of causing you more problems over time. Under floor heating, radiators, boilers, washing machines, sinks and bathroom products as well as American fridge freezers all require an element of skill especially where plumbing the appliances in and ensuring electrical and gas works are running effectively.

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    Primarily you will need a plumber for:


    Designing Systems for Homes & Property

    Interpreting Blueprints (New Homes or Developments)

    Installing Water Pipes

    Repairing Pipe work

    Maintaining Gas & Sewage Pipes

    Fixing Irrigation Systems

    Residential Homes

    Commercial Properties

    Industrial Buildings


    Safety Procedures

    Any plumber must follow health and safety standards in a very strict manner to ensure the residents of any property are safe. Health and safety should be the priority of any professional plumbing or heating engineer so do ensure you check that the tradesperson that you choose is sufficiently qualified and Gas Safe (previously Corgi) registered for heating and gas projects, and that they are professionally qualified with the relevant electric certifications. Both types of tradesman need different qualifications so you will normally find that at least two people will attend to your project.


    Water & Heating Systems – Which to Choose?


    Installing Heating & Water Systems


    If you have a new home requiring heating systems and water installations, it can be a very large job. There are different types of ways in which you can heat your home and its worth getting good advice from a professional. They will help you plan a new system; decide how big or complex it needs to be, and the most efficient way to heat up your water when you need it.


    There are a number of varying ways that you can utilise in order to heat your property, and heat up your water. They are Oil and LPG, mains gas, electrical heating and storage systems.


    Electric heating will be a cheaper investment but if you are planning to sell, property buyers generally don’t find this type of system appealing. Mains gas is a powerful way to heat your home and water, however some people may choose both mains and electric if you have a good supply into your property – for example, an electrical shower will heat up your shower water instead of relying on your gas-powered boiler. LPG gas and oil are generally used where there is no mains supply. A large tank is required. Storage heaters are effective and attract slightly different tariffs, as an example you can choose a nighttime tariff where your heat is generated on an evening and is released the following day.


    Many people are now opting for underfloor heating throughout the entire home. This means that there is no need to fit radiators and no requirement for a boiler unless you are heating your water using a gas boiler.



    For those looking for effective heating solutions and water systems, we can assist. We are specialists in all areas of property maintenance and only a qualified and experienced heating and plumbing engineer will attend to your home or property. We invite you to call us today to obtain a no-obligation quotation.


  2. Plumbing & Heating

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    Reduce the Risk of a Plumbing or Heating Emergency


    Whilst you may instantly hire a professional plumber or heating engineer, there are few points to consider and lots of things to look out for that can help save you money and time whilst you wait for an expert. In very cold weather there can be issues with pipes, your boiler, a storage system or your entire heating system. We have produced some tips to help you to help yourself in an emergency. Please also remember that we are experts in our field and are ready for your call whether you do have an emergency situation, or if you simply would like us to service your system.


    Stop Valve – It’s important to know where your stop valve is. This is situated on the incoming water supply main and its important to take a look at this regularly to ensure that it isn’t leaking or rusting and that it’s working as it should be.


    Dripping Taps – Get them fixed if you don’t know how to as this is a very good sign that your plumbing / water system is not working properly. Tightening up can be simple for you if you are confident with doing it yourself.


    Leaking Pipes – This can cause unlimited amount of damage. If this is the case in your home or property, have them maintained by a professional plumbing engineer to avoid any damage, or further damage, to your property.


    Boilers – Central heating boilers should be serviced regularly to make sure that they are working properly. Most insurance companies will not cover you if your boiler breaks down and you have not had it regularly serviced.


    Storage Tanks – Water storage and connecting pipes in the loft and through your walls can become easily frozen in cold weather. If they are not already then have them properly insulated and run your hot water on a timer regularly if you go on holiday or leave your home during the winter months.


    Shower / Tap Pressure – More than an annoying problem, low pressure in your taps or shower head could be either due to simply isolated issues such as a tap having built up residue. Yet the issue if you have low pressure around the entire home or property can be due to an inadequate plumbing system, blocked pipes or leaking. If you suspect you have an issue with the entire system it can be important to have a professional plumber attend your premises.



    In many cases you can carry out remedial work yourself where plumbing is concerned, especially on leaky taps and basic appliances. However, if you are suffering from heating or plumbing issues that you can’t fix yourself, contact your local experts. We’re a friendly team and are here for emergencies and are happy to attend to your home or commercial property on scheduled appointments. Call us today for advice or a consultation.