Planning Your Kitchen & Lifestyle

The kitchen, though it may sound like a cliché, truly is the hub of the home. Modern life has ensured that the family home has a central location and that is the kitchen.

The kitchen provides the whole family with somewhere to get together. The centre of the home in today’s home will normally have an island to gather the family, a seating area – be it a dining table or a comfortable sofa – and quite often electricals such as flat TV screens or a sound system.

The conditions in the kitchen, such as cooking smells and condensation, will always be the leading factor when considering the décor. The changing styles have seen most kitchens using modern materials instead of the pine cupboard doors that used to be popular in the 1990’s. Glossy cabinets and marble or solid wooden worktops are very common now and the kitchen often flows nicely in new homes and traditional 1930’s homes through to the living area.

Understanding Your Space

A desirable way to plan your kitchen space is by using a specialist who knows. The area that you have in your kitchen space as well as surrounding rooms can be a great way to increase your space.

Newer homes tend to have surrounding space, such as a larger lounge and a smaller kitchen. These can be transformed into large kitchen and dining areas, and they can be re-designed to incorporate a utility area – something that modern families really do find the need for. More traditional style properties usually have larger areas that can be converted into a beautiful space without the need for much building and interruption.

Positioning The Appliances

Try to think about a triangle layout – the oven, the sink and the fridge should make up your kitchen area. If you have a large room but the appliances are placed close together then it can make your kitchen appear much smaller than it should. This is okay if you are planning to add a dining or seating area, but not so good, if you seek an imposing kitchen space.

Of course, the position of your appliances may be determined by where your water and electricity outlets are so if you are a DIY enthusiast do ensure that you consider the amount of work that you are about to embark on.

If you are having a complete overhaul, you may wish to change the entire layout. If this is the case, it will cause much more interruption, often taking a week or more though the finished kitchen will be as you dreamed it.

Are You Making the Most of Your Space?

Whilst many of our clients wish to create a dream kitchen, many of them don’t see that they can make the best use of the space available whether it’s a tiny kitchen or a huge area.

If you have a small or awkward space, cupboards that simply don’t work for you, or a large space that has many opportunities and the chance to choose many different layouts it’s essential to make your kitchen work for you.

Do you have a layout that you hate, or do you simply want to change one thing?

The kitchen really is important for you, especially if you enjoy being in there. Whether you wish to alter cupboard doors, add in herb draws or wine cabinets, or completely revamp the whole space it’s vital that its done properly. There will be tiled or painted wall surfaces to consider, building to carry out, and a choice of finish to suit you and your family. Living with your new kitchen means that it will be entirely different compared to the kitchen you fell in love with at your friends house or in the glossy magazines – in fact, you can achieve the same look, but one that works for you.

Floors, Walls & soft Furnishings

Do you have children? Are you looking for a glossy finish? Or are you seeking a high-end luxury kitchen?

It’s important to ensure that the choices you make about flooring, walls and furnishings fit in with not only your tastes but that they are long lasting. Tiled floors look great, as do wooden floors, linoleum or Amtico, but if your floors are likely to get wet from pets or are likely to be slippery for small children then its essential to balance your choices.

The same goes for walls – wipe clean paint or tiles are the perfect option for young families. And high-end kitchens may look beautiful, though if you are planning to sell your home then have a think about how you use your kitchen – and how it appeals to those who may be attracted to your home.


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