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It’s common for European homes outside of the UK to lay tiles on floors, walls and even stairs and the UK is fast becoming used to the idea of laying tiles instead of more traditional flooring such as carpet, wood and laminate. Tiling offers a low maintenance way of decorating the home as well as giving a way for your property to ooze style.
Tiling walls and floors indoors can be done on a do it yourself basis yet it can be a hugely costly purchase if you don’t know what you are doing. The equipment required alone can be an investment in itself – mastic, saws, trowels all needed are going to make the job a huge one and they are the basic tools to make a good job of your upcoming project.
Walls and floors should be laid professionally and a bad job can make the difference between having to maintain those tiles and the tiles needing no maintenance for years other than simple cleaning. A trained professional can cut tiles properly, can avoid waste and save the time it takes to lay tiles when compared to doing it yourself, however it’s the choosing of your tiles that can be the most difficult part of a tiling project. We often recommend that you spend a portion more per square metre to get the tiles you want rather than those you don’t. For instance, a saving of just £30 to £40 for cheaper tiles  is not always worth it when you consider how long good quality tiles can last.
Both large and small tiling projects require skills and as a keen diy’er your dedication is key. However, calling on professional services for floor and wall tiles will help not only for your space to be transformed and looking fabulous, but having a professional job carried out can also add value to your home. Whatever type of wall or floor tile you choose; you can have your desired finish and a home that looks amazing. Don’t forget to choose a skilled tile tradesman who will follow strict health and safety regulations that help to keep you and your family safe.
The majority of tiles are almost maintenance free and can enhance any room in your home. With slate, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta and much more being available for internal projects, they can look fantastic when fitted properly.
As for external tiles, roofing is available in a variety of materials. Slate, clay, concrete and even solar tiles can be fitted and your roofer can source tiles on your behalf if you prefer.
If you would like to redecorate your home and are interested in fitting new tiles or replacing old ones then speak to an expert and ensure the job is completed professionally.

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