Expert Electricians – Choosing the Right One

Any electrical work conducted anywhere in the UK is subject to strict regulations and must be signed off once completed. You are able to fit light switches and carry out the smaller electrical jobs (changing plugs included!) yet larger projects such as adding cabling, testing the electrics in your home, and installing new wiring must be carried out by a registered professional. This ensures that your home remains safe and is not left with any risk of harm to you and your family. There are also strict rules in place for Landlords with single, family tenants or HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupation) and commercial property owners.

 Only Choose Registered Electricians – It’s Much Safer

underfloor-wiringLet’s face it, electrics in your home or property need to be safe. 111,400 homes in the UK every year are subjected to fires caused by poor electrical systems, according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recently.

Would you want to be one of the statistics that make up that figure?

We thought not, so here’s a guide as to why you might be carrying out electrical work in the home or within your property, and how best to choose the right tradesman to carry out the project for you.

 Potential Electrical Work

Within the home there are so many reasons that you may be carrying out repairs or projects to the electrics that help run it.

If you have moved into an old traditional abode then you may want to check the wiring within it. Older houses have old circuit boards and wires that, when work is carried out, must be changed to suit the modern legislation that covers wiring in the domestic home.

Perhaps you have recently added an extension to your property and want to install clever lighting, an intelligent computing system with remote control boards that make switching lighting, entertainment appliances and even drawing curtains and blinds easy at the flick of a switch. And maybe you just want to test some switches that are failing to work properly. It also may be that you need to install outdoor lighting for entertainment or security purposes or even want to install CCTV or remote access to your property – having all of these things carried out by a qualified electrician is a must.

Another reason may be that you have had a water leakage or suspect there may be water leaking into your home. Everyone knows that water and electrics don’t go together, and when they do they can cause untold dangerous events. The space in your home that is most susceptible to this is the bathroom where both water and electrics are used. Knowing just what to fit when you are redesigning your bathroom and adding appliances and light switches is key to safety in this area of your home.

Whatever the reason for calling on an electrician, you truly need one that can carry out that type of work to a very high standard. It is so important to take measures that mean the necessary precautions around the home are free from risk. Even using extension cords or multiple plugs are connected to one socket can cause fires if they are defective in some way.


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