Electrical Work on your Essex Home

Planning major electrical work in your home or whilst building a new property means you will have to take on board building regulations that apply to electrics. And the best way to adhere to regulations is to use an electrician who is registered with a competent person scheme.

Building Regulations have controlled and monitored electricians and electrical work since 2005, so the design, planning and installation in dwellings, flats, gardens and outbuildings should be notified to Building Control. This applies to any home in England and Wales and planning permission may be required if your home is a listed building. Repairs and replacements do not always need to be reported to a Building Control body, though any work carried out in high risk areas such as kitchens and bathrooms must be. Regulations were put into place in order to reduce the amount of deaths and accidents that can be carried out by false or unskilled electricians.

Using a specialist installer who can carry out electrical works without the need for obtaining planning permission first is the easiest route. The British Standards Institute website outlines all of the guidelines required when wiring or re-wiring a property and its advisable to use a professional who knows the standards of work expected.

Checking Safety

If a Building Regulations application is required, it is essential to have the electrical work checked for safety. If you are using a specialist who is listed or registered with a competent person scheme then they will do that on your behalf. You can also contact your local authority yourself by speaking with the Building Control section.

Approved Inspectors

A Local authority can appoint an inspector though you can use an approved inspector also. By doing this you will obtain a final report once the inspector is satisfied that the work carried out is safe.


If a qualified electrician carries out major or minor electrical work, it can present a risk to safety. This is also the case if you carry out the work yourself. Always have the work inspected and gain proof the work has been checked and is safe. Look here for more information about Electrical Work on your Essex Home

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