Choosing Your Essex Electrician

There have been recent changes in the law which means as a home or property owner, you are responsible for hiring a qualified electrician for more than ever before.

An electrician has also now more of a responsibility of carrying out vital checks on the electrical system in your home, and providing a certificate that confirms your system meets current safety standards.

It’s always best to hire an electrician from installing new sockets, moving and adding new light switches to rewiring an entire house. They carry equipment that is able to diagnose issues, ensure that electricity is flowing as it should be, and your chosen electrician should be able to read architects electrical diagrams that can be implemented properly and safely.


When choosing your electrician, check out their credentials first. Just because they claim to have 50 years experience or 10 on their website, make sure that’s true. Challenge them when you contact the electrician to tell you more. Ask to see their accreditations, certifications, qualifications – anything that will give you trust in their service.

Previous Customers

light-fittingWhen you do contact potential traders ask for contact numbers of recent customers, anyone who has had work carried out will be more than happy to tell you if they’re unhappy, and if they aren’t unhappy they’ll tell you that too!

Trade Sites

There are many websites today that have been set up to supposedly offer you details of a number of traders that you need, supply their website and contact details, and then you contact them at will. Avoid these as there are too many of those sites advertising traders that lead customers into thinking if they have web presence they are good at their job. Just because a trader has a website or appears friendly and attends to your call for a quotation promptly doesn’t mean that they are qualified to work in your home in a safe manner.


Make sure that when comparing electricians you check that they are legally allowed to carry out the work you need. This will mean finding out more about their qualifications. Just because they have worked in the industry for years doesn’t mean they have the most current certifications to work on the wiring in your home.

Finally, if you are Essex based and ARE looking for excellent electricians with not only 20 years of experience but with all the leading and current qualifications, and who are legally allowed to certificate electrical work carried out in your property then call us. We’ll happily tell you why you should choose us, give you a competitive quotation, and then we’ll sign off any work that we complete ensuring that you, your family and your home is safe.

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