general tiling

If your a bit of a D.I.Y enthusiast tiling doesn’t have to be hard as long as you think about what your doing

always tile from a middle of a wall to keep cuts equal on the ends but if you only tiling round a bath then you should start

from the edge of bath then work in towards the cuts into the corner on ends of bath.

also ensure the walls are as flat as possible even if you have to plaster or bond out to create a flat surface

getting the surface flat is really key to your tiling looking any good make sure you use spacers and start the first line level

it looks much better if you start on a level line just below the first tile line yes that creates more cuts on the bottom but most floors are never level. some people think its better to start from floor height just my opinion but always seems to work or me .

im a good believer you should always try things once if you not able to do it then at least you had ago

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