customers always first

we as a company always try to think of our customers first by balancing the cost of a job without compromising the quality
we understand we are in a recession and that we all full victim to it.
we all want nice things but don’t always think you can afford it
we at Essex property maintenance try our hardest to complete a job to the highest standard at cost prices without producing poor quality to yourself s.
I have seen many company,s in Essex trying to produce good work but are not able to. normally due to people being paid price work or poor wages this would always produce poor work.
All our staff are paid weekly wages to encourage quality workmanship and will not stand for that will do attitude.
we at Essex property maintenance pride our self’s on not cutting corners having an attention to detail and care about what we do we always produce outstanding work at affordable prices.
we also are prepared to go that extra mile for you.
and will always talk you in depth to ensure that you get what you want.

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